Spring - Summer 2024

'I ♡ my Sister'

Around the middle of production and putting together Spring - Summer 24, I was inspired by the Barbie movie... The message, the impact it had on me made me love and appreciate Women more... ZX is made for Women. It's all about true feminine nature, being unapologetic, free-spirited, bold... It's important as Women to encourage other Women and calling them back to themselves, their heart, their true identity in which ever way it looks like... ZELIHA X ÁRA Spring - Summer 24 'I ‪‪❤︎‬ My Sister' Representing the love and celebration of biological & chosen Sisters, it symbolizes the deep connection and unconditional love that exists between Women, emphasizing the importance of uplifting & empowering one another. Reinforcing the idea that Women should stand together, supporting and encouraging each other to follow their hearts and embrace their true selves.